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Mr. Neeraj Diwan, a leading Astrologer works under the stewardship and guidance of his father Acharya Late Sh. Yashpal Diwan ji. He has extensive knowledge and has trained in the fields of Astrology and Gemology. Mr. Neeraj Diwan not only inherits a legacy of generations of experience, but also remains vastly experienced Astrologist and Gemologist.

Acclaimed worldwide, Mr. Neeraj Diwan, has been practicing astrology for over twenty three years. He amalgamates mastery of the subject with deep perception and understanding of the practical aspects of life. Mr. Neeraj Diwan follows the principle that predictions good or bad are fruitless without clear intentions of turning them into opportunities. He utilizes his knowledge and expertise of astrology to precisely predict looming circumstances and focus on achieving objectives. A good prediction can to bring about an unexpected opportunity and hurdle over any possible obstacles.

Mr. Neeraj Diwan couples his in-depth knowledge with modern trends in life and unique & dynamic ideas. Mr. Neeraj Diwan strives towards reaching out and helping as many people as possible. He feels that one’s life is the product of interplay of destiny, hard work and luck. Astrology according to Mr. Neeraj Diwan has the capability of yielding unbelievable results through expert hands. He has established himself as an astrologer of impeccable standing amongst his peers as well.

Mr. Neeraj Diwan specializes in Vedic astrology. Over the years, innumerous clients have sought help of Mr. Neeraj Diwan for various aspects of life. Some of the services he specializes in includes; horoscope reading, astrological counseling on various life issues( career issues, relationships and love, life readings, career, business, money, property ownership and other personal matters), gemology and numerological counseling.


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