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Numerology is a sub-set of Astrology. Every number 0-9 is dominated by a heavenly body or entity in our Solar system according to Vedic Astrology. Numbers play a far more influential role in our lives than we realize. We remain surrounded by numbers whether it is our birth date, our phone number or our name itself. Numbers play an important part in our day to day life, mundane things, our professional success or relationships.

Numerology remains an elemental, simplistic yet Universal form of Astrology. Numerology identifies numbers as key-drivers towards explaining and predicting human traits & behavior. Numbers such as Date of Birth holds a place of utmost importance in Numerology. Numbers associated with various Life stages or numbers which are controllable like house number, etc also play a vital role in this science. Numerology numbers are related to material aspects those are visible and as well as spiritual aspects those are invisible or hidden.

Based on experiences in life, people start believing that certain things are lucky to them and they start using these lucky things for their important activities. It could be lucky days, dates, colors, persons or trivial objects. We provide easy to understand Numerology meanings of numbers in our life and things favorable or lucky to use in our daily life. You can benefit from Numerology by knowing about your numbers and their effects.

Name-Number Numerology

Astrology works on the principle of vibrations and energy. Similar energies and vibration create resonance and amplify its effects. Every alphabet has a number associated with it. Thus any Name is accumulation of numbers and has a meaning/frequency attached to it. The sound effect of name produces certain patterns, expectations and meaning often referred to as vibrations. First name of person often determines his / her personality, desire and thought process. Surname indicates personal characteristics and hereditary influence of the family. The combination of first and surname has a major impact on our destiny. Full name is the most important marker for numerology and study of names. Our numerology name-number will play a vital role on whether our life is peaceful, successful and fulfilling. It also indicates the type of people we attract and the quality of person associated with us. It also indicates the nature of the experiences we have and the kind of life we lead. Opportunities and threats in our life are also ruled by you Name-number. Numerology numbers from our birth date and name are often different. Birth-number is widely considered more important than Name number. As a general rule it is often advised to choose a name-number in harmony with your birth-number. We must however refrain from self consulting as exceptions like number 4 and 8 doesn’t resonate with similar numbers. Numerology remains an extensive field of study and various methodologies are followed across the World

Birth-Number Numerology

Birth number remains our ruling number in numerology. It is vital that all our other numbers like phone number or name-number; etc remains harmonious with our birth-number. We are born with our Birth-number and have absolutely no control over it. It becomes imperative that we choose our other numbers in harmony with our birth-number. Numerous cases of celebrities and prominent personalities changing their name for auspicious and harmonic tendencies have been witnessed recently. Name of brands, movies, products, companies, etc often have extra characters to result in positive numerological effects.

A simple tweak in changes of spelling in name or surname can work wonders in our lives. Decisions like retention of surname for a woman after marriage or addition/removal of alphabets in name should be taken after proper consultation. A change in name can have life altering implications. We should always consult a trusted astrologer for such changes in synergy with your numbers and birth chart. As seen above, numerology requires an in-depth knowledge for desirable results.

Business-Number Numerology

Numbers throughout our life have interactions amongst themselves. Name-number and Birth-number are mostly unchanging constants. Numbers associated with other aspects of our life like; house number, vehicle number, phone number or numerology regarding children, business, etc can be altered to yield positive effects.

Business Numerology enables us in choosing the best name for our business. As the famous saying goes, “The World is based on the power of numbers”. Business is all about “numbers”. Our Business number determines the tendencies and characteristics of our business. Our business name carries a powerful energy that can lead to great success. The letters and words that make the name of our business determine the destiny of our business. Leverage our expertise in numerology to find the best name for the business. Name of the business depends on type of company, sector of company, location of business, etc. Names in harmony with their owners as well as other factors can attract leads, generate exceedingly well revenues and propel the business to touch new heights.

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