Bollywood & Numerology

by Neeraj Diwan Date-13 Jan 2020 views - 10

Numerology plays a very important role in every body’s life. A common man to super stars uses numerology for his benefit. Today we are taking an example of “SHAH RUKH KHAN” his name spells add to number 6, Number 6 is lucky no for him that’s why he always carry no 6 in his life for example all his cars have no 555 it is also comes to no. 6, his all time favourite blockbuster movie “DILWALE DULHANIA LE JAYENGE” also comes to no 6.

You know number 6 belongs to Venus. All comfort of life comes under Venus. Our film industry (Bollywood) comes under Venus. Venus means Shukra in Hindi that’s the reason why every movie releases on Friday (Shukarvaar).

Venus is a star belongs to Love, affair, music, songs, dance, cinema etc. that’s why we know “SHAH RUKH KHAN” as a King of Romance .Venus helps to promote him in his life.

So try to follow Numerology it helps to promote you in your life.

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